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When I found this tutorial I was so glad to have a pretty, homemade version of the standard boring white jewelry gift box. I happen to have a few extra pieces of scrapbook paper layin’ around 😉 and thought these would not only be great for jewelry but also perfect for dividers in drawers! The original idea came from A Little Hut…a great little blog with all kinds of paper crafts! Patricia has an easy to follow eHow video showing how to make these little boxes and I will post step by step photos below as well…


Square paper (cardstock is best, I’m using a 12″ square of scrapbook paper)

Scissors or Xacto knife and cutting mat (I’m using scissors because our cutting mat is M.I.A. – it must’ve run off with my glue gun)

Bone folder or something to crease the edges (I’m using the handle of my scissors)

Make sure to crease every fold very well…

You may have to be a little patient while the how to photos load….


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