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This week I’m trying to slip proof our living room rug…yeah I know you can get those rubbery waffle like slip proof pieces that go under your rugs, but those things never seem to work very long and I found this idea that I thought was worth trying…
I bought one tube of acrylic latex caulk and laid the rug upside down across the bed (to keep it out of reach of the dog and cat). I alternated making lines across each end – because I wasn’t sure if I had enough to do a line every six inches. I had just enough to cover the back of a 4’4″ X 6’5″ rug, with the lines being 8-12 inches apart.
I let the caulk dry overnight and made sure to sweep and mop the floor before replacing the rug.

The Result: FAIL 😦 It’s just as “slippery” as it was with the non slip pad under it.

One thing I will say: we have concrete floors – possibly this would work onΒ  another type of flooring. Also, as I said…I didn’t make my lines every six inches – I can’t see how that would make THAT much of a difference but it’s worth mentioning.

Guess I’m off to buy another pack of the non slip pads…



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When I pinned this idea (found on Apartment Therapy, with a full tutorial on ReadyMade) I thought it would be something fun to do in summer…BUT, the other day I found this brick out back…And I’ve really been needing to do something with these succulents I picked up super cheap on clearance at Lowe’s…Since the brick I found already had holes in it my version is a little different than the one I pinned, but still gives the same effect…with no drilling! There’s not really much of a “tutorial” for this…basically, plant the succulents in the holes πŸ™‚ But here’s a quick little break down of what I did…

First I picked the sticks and little “trees” out of the holes and then scrubbed the sides and bottom of the brick to clean it up a little (I was trying to preserve the moss growing on top)….Yes, this would have been much easier/less messy done outside…but it’s cold and rainy out there 😦 Next, I cleaned all of the clay and gravel bits out of the holes…Once the brick was ready I filled every other hole with soil from the succulent pots, cut pieces off of the larger plants or used the smaller ones with their roots, poked a small hole in the center of the soil and pushed the succulent into the soil… My little succulent brick will live here for the winter to make sure it gets lots of light…I can’t wait to move it to the garden when it warms up! Don’t forget to water – Succulents like dry climates so make sure not to over water…I’ll be honest and say that I’m horrible at keeping plants alive inside, so I’m not even gonna act like I’m giving advice on that πŸ˜‰ I’ve found some helpful info on this website.

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It’s getting pretty cold out and I’m really missing seeing flowers outside the window. I’m not much on fake flowers and plants, but here’s something fun and a little different from the traditional silk flower arrangement with plastic leaves. Here’s my inspiration(pinned) photo, found on Apartment TherapyAnd here’s the super simple process of creating these…


-White (or off-white) cotton yarn

-Sharp scissors


1) Begin by wrapping the yarn around your hand – many times…

2) Slide the wrapped yarn off of your hand and tie a 10″-12″ piece of yarn around the middle, knotting very tightly…

3) Holding it by the tail (the piece you tied around the middle) begin cutting the loops…then shake it all out…

4) Using sharp scissors, start trimming the ends to shape it into a ball (trim the tail off too)…

5) Roll the ball around in your hands to fluff it up a little, stopping occasionally to trim pieces sticking out… 6) Repeat step 5 until you are happy with the shape and size…7) Go outside and pick up a few sticks out of the yard…

8) You may need to trim the end of your sticks to make a sharper point…

9) Push the end of the stick into the middle of the “dandelion”, you should be able to get right into the center (through that piece that you tied around the middle earlier). Be gentle so that you don’t push all of the yarn out…remember these basically just need to attach, they won’t be moved around too much.

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If you use Pinterest then you probably love it just as much as I do, and if you don’t use Pinterest…well, what are you waiting for? Get over there, sign up, and follow me! It’s a great place to save links and image of things you love or want to remember, as well as a place to find awesome ideas! Honestly I spend way too much time browsing and pinning, which explains why I spent some time going through my boards recently…organizing and re-browsing. Not to my surprise, my DIY board is jam packed full of really cool projects and ideas that I’ve found all over the internet…things I want to do or at least try someday. A lot of these projects are small and totally doable – so I’m gonna do ’em! Well, maybe not all of them…but I’m gonna do 52 of them this year! Yep, one pinned DIY a week. Some of them may be small, some of them may be big projects…but each week I will make something I’ve pinned, document the whole thing, and share it with you!
I’ll be back tomorrow with my first crafty creation of 2012!


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I don’t think I could ever actually have enough closet or storage space. Walk-in closets are so wonderful – a room of organized storage and shelves…ahhhh. On the other side of that, having NO bedroom closet is a bit of a nightmare…unless of course you own several large wardrobes, which we don’t. This is what we started with as far as closets go…So we hung two rods, a light, a shelf topped with milk crates and closed it all in with a curtain (which I did a super easy no sew hem on).

*excuse the blurry cell phone photos*

That worked pretty well, except that we didn’t really have a good place for shoes…or was a little cramped. So we “built” a walk in closet…I know, I know…the back of that shelf is really ugly – BUT I’m working on covering it with possibly a textured bamboo or sea grass wallpaper. If that doesn’t work out it might get covered with thin wood or paneling and painted once I decide on a wall color. The great thing about these shelves is that the options are endless (and that they only cost me $25 each)…we must’ve had them five or six different ways before we decided on this arrangement. This may not work very well if you have carpeted floors, or you may need to use a sturdier/ heavier shelf. Of course this would work without the curtain, and some people may prefer having it open, but my handy husband built a bracket (which will also get painted) to hold our curtain rod so that we could still use our “hemmed” curtains.We picked up a few different types of hooks…Shoe boxes make great “drawers”, and the depth of theΒ  shelves is perfect for shoes, purses, folded pants and shirts…We have so much more storage now, plus a nice little dressing room area! Now I just need to get busy on the painting.

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~HAPPY 2012!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

My Christmas holiday was a whirlwind of traveling and fun filled with loving family and delicious foods, accompanied by a 2 week sinus infection/ allergy situation. On the road to recovery (and pumped full of antibiotics, allergy pills and, cough syrup) I am back!

I got so many new “toys” for Christmas that I can’t wait to use and share with you all! I have a feeling things are gonna be rather crafty around here this winter πŸ˜€ and of course, organized πŸ˜‰

But before any of that I wanted to share a little something we did last night for New Years Eve… We made a time capsule! I’ve been obsessed with time capsules since we decided to do one at our wedding, I can only imagine the things we’ll find in there in 2020!

20111230-001909.jpgWe started our 2011 time capsule with a plastic food storage container from the dollar store and a newspaper from New Years Eve, set out some scrap paper and markers and a couple disposable cameras…there’s just something fun about the “old fashioned” mystery of not being able to see and retake every photo – it was pretty funny how many times we tried to look at the (nonexistent) screen to take the photo! We had a few family and friends over to ring in the new year, mixed with our martini making bar…we’re already anxious to see whats in this time capsule πŸ˜‰ I will exercise my patience and pack it away today with the Christmas decorations so we can open it next New Years Eve…

So I wanna know…What are some of your New Years Eve and New Years Day traditions? Corned beef and cabbage? Black eyed peas? Wearing yellow underwear? Eating grapes at midnight?

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I recently discovered craftgawker, which led me to discover this awesome idea…and the great blog of Craft & Creativity!

What a great way to personalize your headphones! I know there is a huge container of these little beads somewhere in my Gramma’s craft room…I used to make all kinds of things with these beads when I was a kid! I’m going over there today and hopefully I’ll have some decorative headphones this afternoon! Here’s Helena’s instructions.

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