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All of the sudden it’s September, my favorite month of the year! I spent most of my holiday weekend lookin at this…

Our weekend trip made me want to share a few tips on how to keep it all together when traveling. I am usually pretty prepared when it comes to packing for a weekend away, but this time my Friday to-do list took over and I didn’t even begin to think about packing until 20 minutes before we actually pulled out of the garage. What made this last minute packing possible was the fact that I keep my toiletries basically ready to go — well, that and the caffeine! I have three zipper bags of graduated sizes…The smallest for chunkier/large jewelry, the next for makeup, and the largest for my hairbrush, hairspray, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and any other” toiletries” I might need. I take this one step further by leaving this largest bag mostly packed with a toothbrush I use only for travel, travel size hairspray etc. If I am packing smaller or fragile jewelry it goes in this case, which is wonderful for keeping necklaces from getting tangled…
All of these little bags and cases store nicely inside of my suitcase when not in use. Since I was packing in a bit of a hurry this time…I left my blow dryer, shampoo and conditioner at home. This got me thinking about having a little checklist in one of those zipper bags of things to pack…and yep, I’d probably go ahead and laminate that list 🙂

I’ll leave you with this photo of fantastically organized packing from the movie Up in The Air, just so you’re not thinkin about how crazy I am for laminating a checklist for my suitcase 😉



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