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Yes, it’s week 8. I know. But I’ll be back in a few days with another pinned and done project 😉 I’ve been working on/ still contemplating a blog move…click to read Pinned it, Did it. Week 7: Keyboard Magnets AND to enter the giveaway! Check out the potentially new LittleMrsOrganized site…let me know what you think and I’ll be letting you know when the move officially happens!


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This weekend I was at my parent’s house celebrating National Can-It-Forward Day  with my Mom & Gramma 🙂 …thanks to AJ for the White Nectarine Jam recipe! yumm…

My dad was so kind to let me photograph his fantastically organized garage & workbench. I think we could all take a few ideas or tips from his organization! He built his workbench using scrap kitchen cabinets and plywood, the pegboard along the back gives plenty of room to hang just about anything!

The cabinet to the right is great for storing power tools and larger items, as well as the stereo he wired in…

Lining the wall with hooks and shelves keeps everything up off of the floor and still leaves room for cars to fit in the garage…

A rack made for scrap wood keeps it all organized and mobile with wheels…

He has a place for everything! I just have to point out the wonderful idea of using a baby food storage rack and empty baby food jars to store screws and such.Well I guess we all know where I get it from 😉

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I don’t know what it is about those plastic drawer liners for silverware but I have acquired a few of them over the years. Sometimes the smaller/cheap ones comes with silverware, sometimes you just need to buy a smaller one to fit your drawer, or a larger one to accommodate a growing utensil collection…so you just toss the old one in the trash –WAIT! Don’t toss it just yet, these little things can really come in handy all around the house for…

...candles, lighters & incense.

...condiment packets that may be floating around your fridge. and/or hair things that you use everyday. make some sense of the junk drawer.

If you have already tossed any old silverware organizers you may have had and suddenly feel like you need to go out and buy a few of these…they come in all sizes, materials and prices…1) Mesh Cutlery Trays from Bed Bath & Beyond

2) Desk drawer organizers are useful too

3) Bamboo organizer from Target


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