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Suddenly it’s October! Friday was my birthday and ever since the mister and I got back from a little first anniversary trip we took a couple weeks ago, I have been planning away on my birthday party! Yes, I am a child 😉

So, now that I’ve explained my blogging absence I’ll share how I keep this busy month all sorted out…
Use a planner. I just do not know how anyone functions without a planner or calendar. Simply keeping plans in a calendar let’s me clear my mind of trying to remember that next Friday at 4:00 I have to do something, then on Saturday there’s something goin on at 6:00 and a meeting Monday morning…or wait was that next week?..and when was that dentist appointment??? I’m in no way trying to advertise for them but I have to say that Google Calendar is pretty much amazing! Let me start by saying that 2011 was the first year since being a “grown up” that I haven’t spent a significant amount of time choosing a new planner during the first week of January. I used to write everything down! My planner would serve as a sort of journal or way of remembering when I did what. On top of the fact that I can’t do or commit to anything without first checking my planner, it would be filled with post-it’s, to do lists & doodles. Last year my sweet husband gave me an iPhone for my birthday and I suddenly felt like I wouldn’t be taking advantage of all it had to offer if I didn’t use the calendar. So I gave the standard iPhone calendar a whirl…that didn’t work out for me. I searched calendar apps in the app store and came across one called CCal. CCal seemed pretty user friendly and had a lot of options. It’s an extraordinarily hard thing to do going from the binder size planner that had practically been attached to me while planning my wedding that whole year to a little digital calendar. While exploring all of the options CCal has to offer I realized it syncs with google calendars… I didn’t even know google had a calendar! I quickly set all of that up, linked them to together…set one up for my husband, linked them both together! Recently I discovered the ability to create different schedules of calendars …so for example I made a separate schedule for birthdays & anniversaries which is a different color, same for when certain shows come on TV, and when bills are due… Each of these can be turned on and off for viewing! It’s perfect for me because I can check/update my calendar any time I need to on my phone and have the security that everything is backed up out there in the world wide web! I’m sure there are many more options that I haven’t even discovered, here’s a link to get you on the path to calendar organization!

Anyone else made the switch from paper to digital planning?


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