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I don’t think I could ever actually have enough closet or storage space. Walk-in closets are so wonderful – a room of organized storage and shelves…ahhhh. On the other side of that, having NO bedroom closet is a bit of a nightmare…unless of course you own several large wardrobes, which we don’t. This is what we started with as far as closets go…So we hung two rods, a light, a shelf topped with milk crates and closed it all in with a curtain (which I did a super easy no sew hem on).

*excuse the blurry cell phone photos*

That worked pretty well, except that we didn’t really have a good place for shoes…or was a little cramped. So we “built” a walk in closet…I know, I know…the back of that shelf is really ugly – BUT I’m working on covering it with possibly a textured bamboo or sea grass wallpaper. If that doesn’t work out it might get covered with thin wood or paneling and painted once I decide on a wall color. The great thing about these shelves is that the options are endless (and that they only cost me $25 each)…we must’ve had them five or six different ways before we decided on this arrangement. This may not work very well if you have carpeted floors, or you may need to use a sturdier/ heavier shelf. Of course this would work without the curtain, and some people may prefer having it open, but my handy husband built a bracket (which will also get painted) to hold our curtain rod so that we could still use our “hemmed” curtains.We picked up a few different types of hooks…Shoe boxes make great “drawers”, and the depth of the  shelves is perfect for shoes, purses, folded pants and shirts…We have so much more storage now, plus a nice little dressing room area! Now I just need to get busy on the painting.


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Tackling your whole bedroom at once can be quite overwhelming — so don’t. I’ve made a little step-by-step bedroom de-clutter guide in the form of a list, cause I like lists…and they’re organized 🙂

Here’s what you will need for this de-cluttering adventure…

-Several garbage bags

-Permanent marker and paper

-Plastic storage containers


  • First, make your bed…this gives a nice surface to work on.
  • Start by going around your bedroom and simply putting things in the general area they need to be in — if you don’t know the area, just put like things together. Pay no attention to trying to make things neat and tidy at this point, just get it all sorted.
  • Once this is done, focus first on your closet. Are you ready for this? Okay, now pull everything OUT of your closet — trust me, this is the best way to figure out what all is in there and where it needs to go.
  • Keep going with the sorted piles of things, now adding the following piles…Donate/give away(trash bag or box), Trash(trash bag), Storage(plastic storage container), and Things That Go in Other Rooms (box)
  • Make sure to go ahead and put the trash and donation items into bags so that you don’t end up going through it all in in about 20 minutes! At this point it really helps me to get paper and a marker and write out signs for all of these piles.
  • Start Sorting!
  • Begin hanging items you want to keep in your closet. Deciding what to keep is not my strong suit — the “rule” is if you haven’t worn it in the past year then get rid of it, but I’d be a major hypocrite if I said that — so use your own judgement there. I keep way too many of my clothes, so just try to be realistic and organize them…
  • Hang clothes in an “order”…I start on the left with tank tops (if you wanna get really particular, I sort them according to style/type), fitted t-shirts, other shirts sorted by sleeve length, sweaters, jeans, other pants, skirts, dresses. Another way of doing this would be shirts and pants separately sorted by color.
  • For now it would be best to sort other closet items (shoes, scarves, hats, purses etc.) into boxes to be placed in the bottom and top of your closet, assuming your closet is large enough. Once you figure out how much of this stuff you have, then you can think about storage containers, shelving etc…but that’s later.
  • If you don’t have a belt hanger or rack, hook them over the hook of the hanger.
  • If you happen to have an abundance of closet rod space you could hang your flip flops on homemade flip flop hangers as seen here on — don’t get sidetracked, for now just put them in the box with shoes!
  • When your closet starts to look like a closet again, move on to your dresser or drawer system.
  • Yep, pull it all out and start with an empty dresser (more later on my drawer system).
  • When all of your clothes are put away, move onto other piles.
  • Just generalizing, your piles probably have something to do with “getting ready” and “bedside stuff”. If you have a desk in your bedroom, tackle that separately or save it for last.
  • If you already have a nightstand of some sort then clean it out and use it only for things that you use at bedtime or in the morning. More on that later this week.
  • Now for the “getting ready” stuff…this can vary widely depending on how much time and effort you put into “getting ready”, how much “getting ready” stuff you have, and how much space you have for this sort of thing. I will be doing a more detailed post on this later in the week, for now just keep it all in the same general area.
  • Look around the room and sort out any stray items.
  • Set up a space for dirty clothes, near your closet/dressing area and a place for not-quite-dirty-not-quite-clean clothes such as what I did here.

At this point your bedroom should be looking a lot more organized, don’t forget to sort out all of the stuff that belongs in other rooms, take your trash out, and go immediately to wherever you donate things — these things clutter up space and somehow tend to work their way back into our lives.

The next couple posts will be focused on specific areas of the bedroom — check back for tips and storage ideas for your sorted piles of bedroom stuff!

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Yesterday afternoon I helped a friend unpack & “set up” her new apartment…I was crazy with organizational ideas for her closets! She was unsure of what to do with a large, oddly shaped, closet off of the dining room. My first thought was a desk/office space of some sort…that sent her into a panic of claustrophobia, and understandably so because this space is maybe 3.5′ X 5′ at it’s largest. Next, my thoughts went to pegboard lining the walls with hooks for everything you can think of…tools, broom, mop, sports equipment, shelves with extra paper towels, toilet paper, and all that other stuff that isn’t really that pretty sitting out. There was also talk of building a whole play area for her cat, complete with climbing shelves and scratching posts! When I left yesterday evening the closet was home to a bicycle (hanging on a handy hook), a vacuum, tools, and a couple of tennis rackets. She’s still unpacking, so the fate of the closet has yet to be determined. So of course, I went home thinking about fantastically organized closets! Although my friend isn’t a scrapbooking nerd like me, I am in love with this closet idea that I saw over on Everything EtsyBut, being a bit more practical (& geared more towards what the average person might need just for storage) here are a few easy storage ideas…

TROFAST storage from IKEA, so useful because you can build your own contraption from the different sizes, containers, shelves etc. to fit into your space.

HYLLIS shelving unit also from IKEA, I use two of these as book shelves (previously used as a pantry), with the galvanized steel finish & narrow size the uses are endless!

Sports Station™ from Rubbermaid, for those of you who have basketballs and tennis rackets cluttering your space.

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