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Does your bathroom lack cabinets, drawers or closet space? Most of the time there just isn’t enough “hidden” storage for all that stuff you don’t want just sitting out on your counter or floor in it’s big bulky box or wrapping from the store. In order to keep things handy, but still tidy, I put smaller items like cotton balls & Q-tips in glass jars. Plain ol’  clear glass jars are super easy (& cheap) to come by, and let you easily see what and how much is in each jar. This obviously doesn’t work for things like bar soap and toilet paper, for those it’s best to immediately take off outer wrappings & stack them neatly on shelves. For things you don’t use often, or don’t want sitting out, baskets of any kind are great! (that’s where I keep things like my cat’s brush and canned food)


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