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Baking at Gramma’s

When I was a little girl I had no interest in baking bread, or baking much of anything for that matter. My Gramma would be busy mixing and kneading while I  built roads  and mountains in the container of flour. Baking with Gramma usually meant there would be flour, measuring cups and mixing bowls  all over the kitchen – now that was fun for a kid! One of these baking days I had mixed up my own concoction of who knows what and filled my plastic muffin pan with it, being the stubborn kid I am was,  I decided that this could definitely be put into the oven – Gramma tried to tell me it would melt – I argued that it would not – I think we know how this ends…one melted muffin pan and a lesson learned! Sooo, this time around I followed Gramma’s instructions closely…

This is the basic white bread recipe my Gramma has always used, along with instructions from the cook book below…well, until she got a bread machine…but I got her to pull out the ol’ mixing bowl and yeast 🙂

Ruth Baxter was her sister

First I measured & sifted the flour, while Gramma enjoyed a cup of coffee (it was early & we had been up late)…

I mixed everything together & dumped it out for kneading..

I then put the kneaded dough back into the bowl and…we waited…let it rise in a warm place until doubled in size, we turned the oven on and sat the bowl on the stove.

In my family, this is a good time to get the snacks out 🙂

Once the dough was doubled in size I divided it in half(sort of), folded the ends under and placed them in greased bread pans

Next, more snacking, I mean…each dough ball must rise again, nearly doubling in size. Once doubled, I baked them (and this time my pans didn’t melt;)) When they came out of the oven I rubbed butter all over the top of ’em and let them cool…more waiting…

Bread made with love 🙂

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