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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

I’m Sara, a Licensed Massage Therapist & newlywed who loves organization. Call me crazy, or OCD but I find great satisfaction in a well organized space with shelves full of labeled baskets and bins. Seeing a cluttered, unorganized room gets me all excited with thoughts of built in shelving, labeled containers and a home for everything! For me, being organized is just one part of simplifying my life.

I am by no means claiming to be perfectly organized, it’s just something I enjoy…along with experimenting in the kitchen, playing in my (miniature) garden, planning parties and events, alternative therapies and medicine, yoga and meditation, mid century modern design, sustainable living, scrapbooking and crafty/ DIY stuff — as you can see, the topics will vary. Join me as I blog about lists, labels, spreadsheets, an organized “before & after” here and there and other shenanigans in my life…

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