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This is something I pinned a while back (originally found here) and to be honest this post should be titled “Pinned it, brother-in-law and husband did it” For Christmas my brother in law gave me this rake from their local peddlers mall with a photo attached to it that showed it being used as a wine rack – brothers are so great πŸ™‚ Then, my husband surprised me one day by having it hung when I got home from work! He leveled the head of the rake in order for the glasses to hang straight and let the handle do its own crooked thing. We decided to leave the handle attached since we had the ceiling height, plus I really like the green weathered paint. He used a metal bracket that’s for securing pipes and a screw just to be sure it didn’t slide down…

So if you have an extra rake laying around…put it to use! Would also be great for an outdoor or backyard bar!


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