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This week I’m trying to slip proof our living room rug…yeah I know you can get those rubbery waffle like slip proof pieces that go under your rugs, but those things never seem to work very long and I found this idea that I thought was worth trying…
I bought one tube of acrylic latex caulk and laid the rug upside down across the bed (to keep it out of reach of the dog and cat). I alternated making lines across each end – because I wasn’t sure if I had enough to do a line every six inches. I had just enough to cover the back of a 4’4″ X 6’5″ rug, with the lines being 8-12 inches apart.
I let the caulk dry overnight and made sure to sweep and mop the floor before replacing the rug.

The Result: FAIL 😦 It’s just as “slippery” as it was with the non slip pad under it.

One thing I will say: we have concrete floors – possibly this would work on  another type of flooring. Also, as I said…I didn’t make my lines every six inches – I can’t see how that would make THAT much of a difference but it’s worth mentioning.

Guess I’m off to buy another pack of the non slip pads…



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