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When I pinned this idea (found on Apartment Therapy, with a full tutorial on ReadyMade) I thought it would be something fun to do in summer…BUT, the other day I found this brick out back…And I’ve really been needing to do something with these succulents I picked up super cheap on clearance at Lowe’s…Since the brick I found already had holes in it my version is a little different than the one I pinned, but still gives the same effect…with no drilling! There’s not really much of a “tutorial” for this…basically, plant the succulents in the holes 🙂 But here’s a quick little break down of what I did…

First I picked the sticks and little “trees” out of the holes and then scrubbed the sides and bottom of the brick to clean it up a little (I was trying to preserve the moss growing on top)….Yes, this would have been much easier/less messy done outside…but it’s cold and rainy out there 😦 Next, I cleaned all of the clay and gravel bits out of the holes…Once the brick was ready I filled every other hole with soil from the succulent pots, cut pieces off of the larger plants or used the smaller ones with their roots, poked a small hole in the center of the soil and pushed the succulent into the soil… My little succulent brick will live here for the winter to make sure it gets lots of light…I can’t wait to move it to the garden when it warms up! Don’t forget to water – Succulents like dry climates so make sure not to over water…I’ll be honest and say that I’m horrible at keeping plants alive inside, so I’m not even gonna act like I’m giving advice on that 😉 I’ve found some helpful info on this website.


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