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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

I don’t think I could ever actually have enough closet or storage space. Walk-in closets are so wonderful – a room of organized storage and shelves…ahhhh. On the other side of that, having NO bedroom closet is a bit of a nightmare…unless of course you own several large wardrobes, which we don’t. This is what we started with as far as closets go…So we hung two rods, a light, a shelf topped with milk crates and closed it all in with a curtain (which I did a super easy no sew hem on).

*excuse the blurry cell phone photos*

That worked pretty well, except that we didn’t really have a good place for shoes…or was a little cramped. So we “built” a walk in closet…I know, I know…the back of that shelf is really ugly – BUT I’m working on covering it with possibly a textured bamboo or sea grass wallpaper. If that doesn’t work out it might get covered with thin wood or paneling and painted once I decide on a wall color. The great thing about these shelves is that the options are endless (and that they only cost me $25 each)…we must’ve had them five or six different ways before we decided on this arrangement. This may not work very well if you have carpeted floors, or you may need to use a sturdier/ heavier shelf. Of course this would work without the curtain, and some people may prefer having it open, but my handy husband built a bracket (which will also get painted) to hold our curtain rod so that we could still use our “hemmed” curtains.We picked up a few different types of hooks…Shoe boxes make great “drawers”, and the depth of the  shelves is perfect for shoes, purses, folded pants and shirts…We have so much more storage now, plus a nice little dressing room area! Now I just need to get busy on the painting.


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