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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

There’s just something about a gift wrapped up with ribbon and handmade bows. I’m kind of a sucker for pretty ribbon and like to keep it handy for projects, but it gets messy when you have several spools all tangled up in a box or bag together — it’s sort of like hangers in a laundry basket, neat and tidy when they’re all organized but a stressful disaster when they get hooked together! So, I made ribbon organizers (for barely over $1.00 each!)

For this little project I picked up a couple plastic containers at the dollar store — any size size or style will work, I wanted to make sure mine had lids so I could stack them. If you aren’t concerned with having a lid, then you could use the plastic containers that have small holes on the sides (this will save you the step of making holes in your container). I used wooden skewers because I have a huge pack of them, but a small wooden dowel would work the same.


1.) Begin by using a ruler or tape measure and a permanent marker to mark the center of each end of your plastic container…

2.) Make holes just large enough for the dowel or skewer to have a snug fit. I planned on doing this with the hot tip of my hot glue gun…BUT, my hot glue gun is M.I.A. 😦 Soooo, first I attempted slowly drilling a hole, and this happened…Again, I’d like to say I recommend using a hot glue gun, but sometimes ya gotta get creative…Whatever your method, if the plastic is being melted make sure to do it in a well ventilated area!

3.) Turn the container on it’s side and make holes for the ribbon to “dispense” through. On one container I made the holes circles for thin, curling ribbon – on the other I made the holes flat slits for thicker ribbon.

4.) Poke the dowel or skewer through one end of the container and begin adding spools of ribbon, threading the end through the dispenser hole on the side. When you have addedΒ  all of your ribbon, poke the dowel or skewer through the other end of the plastic container…

5.) Trim the end of your dowel or skewer so that just an inch or so is sticking out on both ends, my skewers cut easily with scissors but a dowel or anything thicker may require more heavy duty shears…

Now get busy wrapping gifts! πŸ™‚


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