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Several people have asked for details on the juice fast I did last week, so here it is!

-I spent about 5-7 days preparing for the juice fast (more info on that below)
-I spent 7 days on the juice fast
-I drank homemade almond milk every evening (recipe below)
-I spent about 2 days coming off of the fast/reintroducing solids (more info on that below)
-I went into this fast wanting to reset my dietary habits and cleanse my body, by the end I had lost 11 lbs. (yay added bonus!)

ONE WEEK BEFORE: begin to reduce caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and white breads in your diet. If you’re a big coffee or soda drinker, make sure to cut back slowly to avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches! DO NOT START THE JUICE FAST THE DAY AFTER EATING A BUNCH OF PROCESSED FOODS AND DRINKING A BUNCH OF ALCOHOL! (you will be miserable)

-A juicer (I’ve been using the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer for almost two years and love it!)
-A blender if you plan on making your own almond milk. (I used my magic bullet blender)
-Raw almonds
-Agave or stevia sweetener, if you’re going to need sweetener in your almond milk (and a pinch of salt)
-LOADS of fruits and veggies (details on this below)


–>WHEN YOU WAKE UP: Drink a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon (in the water).

–>SHORTLY AFTER: Drink a green juice…below is one of my favorites, but as the days went on I got creative with it. I spent some time Googling “homemade green juice” to familiarize myself with green juice ideas.


-small handful spinach

-1 pint blueberries

-1 granny smith apple

-1 lemon

Wash spinach, blueberries and apple. Cut peel from lemon. Cut everything to fit into your juicer and run it through.

So, about green juices…some people love them. They grow on ya, seriously. Mixing in things like blueberries or pineapple will really help. I still don’t LOVE them, but I do usually enjoy them…especially when you’re hungry ๐Ÿ˜‰ A few things that helped me was to add a few ice cubes and drink through a straw.

–>A FEW HOURS LATER: Drink a fruit juice…the options are seriously endless here. I made sure to keep a lot of apples on hand, they go with pretty much anything and produce a lot of juice. Some things I read said to avoid oranges, I ate them but you can do some research and use your own judgement. Strawberries sweeten grapefruit really well. Don’t be afraid to mix veggies into the fruit juices…carrots, apples and ginger are pretty good. Really get creative!

–>KEEP JUICING: I tried to get in 2 green juices and 2-3 fruit/other juices a day. Just make juice whenever you are hungry, the first few days this may be more often. Drink herbal tea throughout the day, Yogi tea makes some delicious detox and fasting teas. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! LOTS!

–>TWO HOURS BEFORE BED: Drink almond milk – yummm. I would usually make mine earlier in the day and keep it in the fridge so it would be nice and cold when I was ready to drink it. It will keep for four days in the fridge.


(makes one serving)

2 tbsp. almonds (roughly)

1 tbsp. agave (I used less)

tiny tiny pinch of salt

1 1/4 cups water

Put all of this into the magic bullet or high speed blender. I left mine running for about 1 minute to make sure the almonds got chopped up really fine. Either store in the refrigerator (I promise I’m not advertising for the magic bullet but I do have to say I love how you just screw a lid on the container you blended it in and put it right into the fridge)

Before you drink it: Strain through a juice strainer to remove the almonds chunks. Now sit down and enjoy your reward ๐Ÿ™‚

…and repeat it all again tomorrow!


The first couple days that I was doing the juice fast I made sure my schedule was pretty empty. Day 3 and 4 I was able to go home and make juice around lunchtime. Day 5 I made the mistake of having no plan, except hoping that the smoothie place across the street made juice – they don’t. So, after one day of squeezing the juice from an orange with my hands in the break room at work…yeah…I stocked my fridge up with a few bottles ofย  Naked Green Machine.ย  Also, I’ve read that watermelon is the best thing to eat if you just absolutely must eat something (because of it’s high water content). Day 6 I had a small headache right before bed, it was the first headache I’d had the whole time! I ended the fast the next day because I believe my headache was due to not drinking enough juice/calories (I had gotten to the point where I only needed 2, maybe 3 juices a day to keep my hunger satisfied). I came to realize that hunger will pass, drink some water and wait a little bit and that “I must eat right this minute” feeling will subside. Day 5 and 6 I had some aching in my legs and ankles…do a bit of research on toxins leaving the body and old injuries healing.


The best “first meal” is an apple – DO NOT GO OUT AND EAT AN ACTUAL FULL MEAL! I sat down at the table with an apple cut into several slices and spent about 20 minutes really enjoying every last bit of that apple. Chew it very well, remember that your body is used to juice. A couple hours later I had a juice (of anything that sounds yummy). Then I had some pineapple, in the same slow way that I enjoyed the apple. Next, watermelon. Juice in between all of these “meals” or when you are hungry and drink your almond milk at night.

Day 2 I did the same thing but for dinner I had a bit of homemade guacamole and flax tortilla chips.

Day 3 off of the fast I had a smoothie for breakfast (banana, almond butter, agave, rice milk and ice), a Naked Green machine juice for lunch, homemade juice for a snack and a normal dinner – Normal meaning, tilapia and asparagus on the grill, baked sweet potato fries and homemade guacamole with flax chips.

Day 4 I did the same for breakfast, lunch and snack. For dinner I made a panini with one slice of whole wheat bread, tomato, lettuce, one slice of turkey and a little leftover guacamole. One the side I had a few olives and 6 or 7 leftover sweet potato fries.

Day 5 (today) I did the same for breakfast, lunch and snack and plan on having another light dinner. The key is to eat small portions, and honestly you probably won’t be able to eat much without feeling stuffed.




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