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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

Today I have a kitchen cabinet organization to share…done with only what was already in this kitchen! So check out the before pics, where everything is just sort of shoved into the cabinets, not really making everything accessible…

I can’t believe how chaotic that food cabinet is!…okay okay, those are my cabinets…guilty. We just kept stuffing food into that cabinet and I kept thinking I really need to figure out something better for our food. So last week I put some of my juice fast energy to use! My plan was to use this little diagram to sort of map out where things might go, saving me the trouble of pulling everything out and making a disaster of the kitchen.

Don't laugh, I'm not very good with scale...

Well, that didn’t work out and I ended up making a disaster of the kitchen anyway. The goal was just to organize the food cabinet…which meant dedicating another cabinet to food…which turned into moving everything around! Our kitchen is now much more functional and seems to have more space! Also I got a chance to move all of the glass casserole dishes from the top shelf to the bottom cabinets (that was just an accident waiting to happen!). I have a few quick and easy tips when it comes to keeping your kitchen cabinets organized…

  • Use a small basket for packets such as taco seasoning, kool-aid etc.
  • Nuts and seeds store well in labeled jars (such as mason or reused glass jars)
  • Designate an area, basket or drawer to snacks you can grab on the go
  • Keep like items together: baking goods, cereals, breads, pastas, canned goods
  • Use (or make!!) a tiered shelf for your spices…I happen to have an abundance of size D batteries in little boxes, they make a perfect shelf for the back of my spice cabinet
  • Keeps lids with the dishes/ containers they belong to
  • Hang often used items on a rail and…
  • Store flour and sugars in large glass jars, this shelf keeps them out of our way and gives a nice place to tuck the trash can and dog bowls
  • Dish soap pours easily out of an oil dispenser, plus it looks prettier than the plastic bottle 😉
  • A counter top spice rack is great for spices you use often, at the end of every summer I dry any herbs I have and fill the jars!

An old wooden crate helps to keep cleaning products corralled under the sink

Any other handy kitchen tips? Do you already do some of these things? Or plan on trying a few out? Share and comment on the right…


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