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I wasn’t going to blog about this until I realized it could be helpful information or even motivation to someone considering a juice fast. I’m on day 3 of my juice fast/cleanse/detox, technically day 3.5 since the last solid meal I had was Monday at lunch. So I’ll tell you some of the books that have been helpful, the “plan” I’m doing and how I’ve been feeling through it all…

I’ve been carrying around a stack of books for the past 4 days, using each of them as reference and motivational reading.

“The 3-Day Cleanse” by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss –> After explaining detoxing and laying out a week before plan, they give three different juice fasting plans to follow ranging from the person who eats junk food and drinks a lot to the person who eats very healthy. There is a lot of support in this book around what to expect, what each fruit or vegetable does for your body and so much more. In the back they list several combinations for fruit and vegetable juices, which have been helpful when wondering what to combine (although I have gotten to the point of just tossing whatever I have into the juicer!). One last thing about this book, their plans also include a nut milk in the evening…I’ve been making almond milk and it is an amazingly delicious treat that I’ve started looking forward to! This definitely contradicts most other juice fasts because this technically breaks the “fast”…but this protein is what helps me make it through and I am still very much benefiting from the “fast”.

“Juice Fasting Detoxification” by Steve Meyerowitz –> I borrowed this from a friend and it has been loaded with information, a few fruit and veggie combos and tips for going into and coming out of the fast.

“Natural Detox” by Marie Farquharson –> I haven’t read a lot in this book but it has remained in my stack that I read through when I feel hunger coming on. It has a lot of info about toxins and several different detox options.

“Ani’s Raw Food Essentials” by Ani Phyo –> …has been my new favorite book! The raw food lifestyle is very intriguing to me…after coming off of this juice fast I plan on trying several of the recipes out of Ani’s book. Depending on how they go, I hope to incorporate more raw foods into my life. Check out Ani’s website for more info.

So I’m on the non-plan plan (had to sneak in that little Along Came Polly reference)…I’ve been loosely following the ideas from the “The 3-Day Cleanse”…2 green juices a day, 1 or 2 fruit juices a day and an almond milk 2 hours before bed. I went into this not really sure how long I would do it and am still sort of just hoping for the best. I took fruit with me to work today just as a back up in case I couldn’t make it, but ended up getting a chance to run home and make juice. Everything I have read says that the hunger goes away…I wanna talk about that, this is the third juice fast I’ve done and in my experience the hunger never really goes away…more like you just learn to deal with it. It’s been a huge wake-up call as to how often I snack…I’ve known I’m a snacker but…wow. I’ve felt pretty good and been able to do everything I normally do, I’ve actually had a lot of energy and motivation. Days one and two I walked about 30 minutes and yesterday (day two) I did about 45 minutes of yoga.

I plan to make it through Saturday, possibly Sunday…but I’m taking it day by day…or, juice by juice 😉


Anybody else doing a juice fast or have you been considering it? Any raw foodies out there?



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