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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

We have lived in our loft for 3 months now and have yet to figure out why our wireless Internet will not work! Turns out it’s not operator error, as we originally thought, we may actually need a new router and even then the wireless in our laptop is a bit touchy. Sooo we have been leaving our laptop plugged into the ethernet outlet in the living room and leaving it in a chair…not exactly ideal. This has caused my desk to become this unorganized mess…
…without being used as an actual desk it just became a place to put stuff. We keep thinking we are going to get this wireless thing worked out and the laptop will be able to return to it’s home on the desk. Well, I decided to embrace the fact that it might be some time before that gets fixed and to just adjust the way we do things. In this case it meant switching the little seating area and the desk…
Now the laptop can be plugged into the ethernet outlet AND be where it belongs, giving the desk it’s purpose back! Wow!ย  Plus the little kitchen seating area is really growing on me. The old window frame you see there is my DIY project in waiting…once I sand, clean and paint it I’ll hang it above the desk.

What it comes down to is just adjusting how or where you do things in order to keep it organized and in it’s place. If you have a rack for your shoes in your closet but realize they always pile up at the door, maybe you should consider incorporating a shoe storage area near the door. Notice your patterns and make adjustments where necessary.


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