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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

Last weekend the Mr. and I walked down to the Goodwill Store after having lunch at our new favorite local spot. Just wandering around, this fantastic green couch jumped out at us! When we asked an employee the price we couldn’t believe he said $22 — TWENTY TWO DOLLARS?…For a couch?..That we can’t help but love..?? Now, if 1970’s green really isn’t your thing, then I’m sure you are not nearly as excited as we were about  this. We figured we would think about it, maybe come back later or the next day. I noticed a couple of other people checking it out and immediately walked up to the counter and made it ours 🙂 . A little spring re-attaching underneath and upholstery cleaning (I still need to do the latter) and it’s almost as good as new!


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