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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

There are so many different kinds of containers, baskets and pouches that you can buy to store remote controls (or whatever it is you call them around your house). Some people line them up on the coffee table for easy access, or lack of better place. Some people store them in cabinets, which isn’t always convenient. Some people lose them in couch cushions, or their dogs “eat” them. Years ago I just had to have this large wooden bowl at a yard sale. With no idea what I would do with it, this bowl floated around from room to room for a little while before it landed a home on the coffee table…full of remotes!

It keeps them all together and can easily be moved to any surface in our living room. Any bowl that you love would work just fine, keep your eye out for fruit bowls or large serving bowls. One little thing about blue tooth remotes — we store our blue tooth remote upside down in the bowl, it lays just in the curve so that no buttons are accidentally pushed resulting in our PS3 being on all day or night.


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