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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

Several months ago the cable guy was at our house working on our poor connection. My husband showed him where the cable came out of the wall in our bedroom and he began replacing the cable and splitter and asking a few questions. When I answered one of his questions, he looked at me as if he wasn’t talking to me and replied, “Well I see where your stuff is!” Pointing at the small metal trash can that was full of brushes, hair spray and a blow dryer. Even if my “stuff” was in the trash I thought it was odd that he would point that out…anyway, this (never used as an actual trash can) “trash can” is where I keep my blow dryer, brushes, hair spray,  and hair clips to use for styling. I love it because I can leave my blow dryer plugged in, toss everything in there and it fits so nicely under my vanity!


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