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If you happen to have an abundance of bedroom closet space, then you will find this information useless. But if  you are like most of us and you need more storage spots in your bedroom, then read on…

Remember that post on bathrooms “Don’t Stash it, Display it!”? Well, think the opposite for your bedroom…don’t exactly stash it, but organize and hide it. I like for my bedroom to be as simple as possible, for me this makes rest and relaxation come more naturally. So what’s the best way to keep things out of sight yet still organized? BUILT IN CABINETS! Now, if built in cabinets will send your bedroom budget over the top, there are many lower cost solutions. Several cheap shelves/bookcases lining one wall will work wonderfully filled with baskets, shoes, neatly folded clothes, and whatever else was left in your piles when you went on your de-cluttering adventure. Just remember to assign everything a home, don’t start tucking things in places. For extra motivation to keep things in their place — label the shelves! I recommend leaving these shelves exposed, hiding them will only give you less reason to keep them tidy. If you just can’t stand to leave them open, you could hang a sheer or linen curtain on a tension rod just under the very top of the bookcase, or if your bedroom is large enough you could set up a tri-fold screen/room divider in front of them. When lining several bookcases against a wall you may want to secure them to the wall, especially if your bedroom floors are carpeted. Here’s a few bookcases/shelves that you may wanna check out if you plan on doing this…

A bookcase at Wal*Mart for only $24.99 makes it easier to buy several to line a wall.

The EXPEDIT Series from IKEA is very versatile, sturdy, and can even be used as room dividers if necessary. IKEA also sells different styles of baskets that will fit into this shelf like drawers!

These shorter bookcases would fit nicely under a window.

Once our “library” outgrew it’s old bookshelf we decided to “build” a headboard out of it, giving us several shelves right next to the bed. We left the middle section out and I sanded and painted the shelves and a narrow board to match. We secured the board between the two shelves for a place to put our iPod dock and two lamps. We don’t use these shelves much for storage, but they do give us a place to put things and keep our bed from looking like a mattress in the middle of the floor. The baskets on the bottom shelves give us a place to keep pillowcases and heating pads.


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