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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

It started small. It started by tucking a few recipes into an extra binder I had laying around, and I believe it’s almost time to upgrade to a larger binder.

Recipes can be so hard to organize, some of them are ripped from magazines, some are jotted down on note cards or sticky notes, some are on cute little recipe cards. I like to keep them all on their original cards or paper, so I began gluing the recipes to pieces of card stock paper, three hole punching and adding them to this binder (if you have two-sided recipes you can copy and print the other side, or just write it all on one side). As the collection grew I added tabs and eventually realized I needed to put each page in clear sheet protectors to keep them safe from the hazards of the kitchen.

I had a little fun writing out a few of my favorite recipes πŸ™‚

The tabs that I used have a pocket that I use for recipes I haven’t tried yet…this, I learned, keeps me from having to rip a recipe off of a page because I didn’t like it.

You can make your own recipe bible with just a few basic school supplies…

What you need:

– Binder

– Card Stock paper, any (or many) colors

– Dividers with tabs and pockets

– Clear page protectors

– A glue stick and some recipes!


It’s back to school time so all of these things should be very readily available at any store — So get out there and fight through the crowds of children to get that cool binder you always wanted πŸ˜‰


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