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I'm just a girl with a labelmaker

I used to think it was insane that my mom could make a grocery list with everything listed in the order it would be in the store — I now realize that when you go to the grocery every week or so you pretty much know where everything is. BUT, when you switch grocery stores…well, you are completely lost and spend most of your time running around the store! This is the situation I was in until I decided to take matters into my own hands 😉 Last week when I was grocery shopping I took photos of the signs above each aisle, and yes I am aware that I probably looked ridiculous doing this. When I got home I flipped through the photos and drew a little diagram of the store to keep on my desk, now I can make my lists in perfect order!

If you have an iPhone: a co-worker recently told me about a free app called Grocery IQ – it’s amazing! This app has an interactive list and let’s you arrange the aisles to fit your grocery store — which I am loving! I highly recommend it.

Does anybody have any other ideas or tips for simplifying the whole grocery shopping experience?


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