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Yesterday afternoon I helped a friend unpack & “set up” her new apartment…I was crazy with organizational ideas for her closets! She was unsure of what to do with a large, oddly shaped, closet off of the dining room. My first thought was a desk/office space of some sort…that sent her into a panic of claustrophobia, and understandably so because this space is maybe 3.5′ X 5′ at it’s largest. Next, my thoughts went to pegboard lining the walls with hooks for everything you can think of…tools, broom, mop, sports equipment, shelves with extra paper towels, toilet paper, and all that other stuff that isn’t really that pretty sitting out. There was also talk of building a whole play area for her cat, complete with climbing shelves and scratching posts! When I left yesterday evening the closet was home to a bicycle (hanging on a handy hook), a vacuum, tools, and a couple of tennis rackets. She’s still unpacking, so the fate of the closet has yet to be determined. So of course, I went home thinking about fantastically organized closets! Although my friend isn’t a scrapbooking nerd like me, I am in love with this closet idea that I saw over on Everything EtsyBut, being a bit more practical (& geared more towards what the average person might need just for storage) here are a few easy storage ideas…

TROFAST storage from IKEA, so useful because you can build your own contraption from the different sizes, containers, shelves etc. to fit into your space.

HYLLIS shelving unit also from IKEA, I use two of these as book shelves (previously used as a pantry), with the galvanized steel finish & narrow size the uses are endless!

Sports Station™ from Rubbermaid, for those of you who have basketballs and tennis rackets cluttering your space.


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